HAM Radio Frequency - ICOM R8500
Intrasystem Copyright 2017 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy

The Icom Receiver connection.

The RadioFrequency Program is a professional Software dedicated to all HAM, SWL and Radio Listeners.         This Program is 100% Freeware.

Intrasystem Copyright 2017 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy    Copyright 2017 by Intrasystem - Raimund Forstmeier, Padova / Italy.                            View this page with Full Size.

There are 2 different RadioFrequency programs.
Version 1.5.1 x Windows FrameWork 4.0 x86
Version 1.5.1 (fw35) x Windows FrameWork 3.5 x86 (maybe the right solution x Windows 7 user)

You can use this Program without owning the ICOM R8500.
Just use it as a dB Frequency Viewer.
Add your Frequencies.
Import external dB Frequency Files.

For different Icom Radio user.

Several Icom R8500 Radio commands are valid x the Icom 7000 and others.
Give it a Try. With a precise test-report x the Icom 7000 it is possible to add / change commands x this Receiver.

Click on [Open] load the Local dB File (Frequency.txt).

All [ H ] Labels are Help Messages

[ Input ] Add / Modify Frequencies to the dBase.

The local dBase File = " Frequency.txt ".

[ dB ] is opening the RadioFrequency dB-Structure

[ Import dBase ] is opening the dB Converter environment. Import external dBase Structures.

On the Bottom you find the Search x Frequencies and Data.         [Save to Memory]          [Delete Item/Record]          [Delete Memory File].

The Search feature is searching on search > on search down to the smallest detail.

The Basic View.

[ Input ] Add Record Frequencies to the Local dBase (Frequency.txt File). (add transmission Mode)
Trans-Mode (CW, AM, FM ecc.) is sent to the Receiver together with the Frequency.

Modify a dB-Record - open [ Input ] - click on a Record in List No 1 - modify and [Save]

[Connect to Icom R8500] The Serial Port Comunication View - RadioFrequency to Receiver.

Scanning Frequencies
From Freq to Freq - Step option - Delay option
Scan the actual List-Frequencies - List 1, 2, 3 - Main dB-List, Search-List, Saved-Radio-Stations-List
Interrupt scanning with a Frequency-Message > Listen to any Station as long as you want. (until closing Message)
Repeat Scanning x times
Precise S-Meter with ' | ' x S 5,7,9, +10, +20
Use the [Arrow Keys] + [Enter] Key > send Frequency + Mode to the Receiver.
L-Click and R-Click > select different action.
Manual Frequency Input is possible.


The [ Import dBase ] Environment

Any TextFile + csv dBase-Structure can be converted to the dB-Structure RadioFrequency is using.
The dBase Structure is a normal dB-text-Structure based on a " by Position " structure without Delimiters like the " , " comma.
The example below is reading the "Test Record" without delimiters. Reading " by Position ".
We copy a Field "from digit to digit" and assign the Field-Data to a Local Field. (8 Fields in total)
The first Field is always the "Frequency".
[ Test ] is translating only the " Test Record ". If the result is OK you [Translate] the whole external dBase.
You can save all Data/parameters with [Save Session] and Re-Open with [Load Session] x a automatic run.
There is a complete explanation file. Click on the 'bigger' [ H ]Label and open the Explanation.


Convert a text-dB / csv using a Delimiter. This Test-Record is using the " _ " underscore char.
As the Fields are the same as RadioFrequency is using the Local Field No attribution is straightforward. 1..8.

Get the ILGRadio Database.
The most comprehensive short wave database 2 - 30 Mhz with more than 35000 up-to-date entries.


Program Download


Intrasystem Copyright 2017 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy

RadioFrequency - version 1.5.1
Revision: 07/2017
Intrasystem Copyright 2017 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy   Copyright 2017 by Intrasystem - Raimund Forstmeier, Padova / Italy.

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