HAM Radio Frequency - ICOM Radios.
Intrasystem Copyright 2018 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy

The Icom Receiver connection.

The RadioFrequency Program is a professional Software dedicated to all HAM, SWL and Radio Listeners.         This Program is 100% Freeware.

Intrasystem Copyright 2018 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy    Copyright 2017 - 2018 by Intrasystem - Raimund Forstmeier, Padova / Italy.                            View this page with Full Size.

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Remember: You can import and extract Rec from any text dBase like the ILG dBase with over 30.000 Records.

Ready for Download

Version 1.7.0 , 1.7.1 , and successive is a complete new and revised RadioFrequency program
Several new features, LOG-dBase, Locator distance calculator and more ...

There are 2 different RadioFrequency programs.
- x Windows FrameWork.4.0 x86 (must run on any Win 8, 8.1 ++++ Platform depending on your Win-update + Configuration)
- x Windows FrameWork 3.5 x86 (fw35) (maybe the right solution x Windows 7 user)
- The zipfile is as WinRar zipfile.
Version 1.5.2
Version 1.5.3 Released on 31/DEC/2017.
Version 1.6.0 Released on 09/MARCH/2018. Pls. read the explanation file. Read the Readme.txt file.
Version 1.6.1 Released on 03/April/2018. Pls. read the Readme.Txt file.
Version 1.6.2 Released on 10/May/2018. Pls. read the Readme.Txt file.
Version 1.7.0 Released on 15/Sept/2018. Pls. read the Readme.Txt File. (Download only here)
Version 1.7.1 Released update on 30/Sept/2018.

Download only at request (avoiding WEB-Scanning) - (Freeware) (
Version Released special Edition on 09/Oct/2018
Version Released on 13/Oct/2018 - including "copy saved Frequencies" to the LOG-View Input Fields.
Version Released on 28/Oct/2018 - F4 ShortCut, F9 ShortCut, List3 (saved Frequencies) Delete single Items.
Version Released on 24/Nov/2018 - Update - changed Colors x any PC Platform. Start-Error resolved x various PC.
Version Special update on 28/Nov/2018 - Frequency Scanning procedure x ELAD SW2/DUO.

You can use this Program without owning a ICOM Radio or the ELAD SW2/DUO Receiver.
Just use it as a dB Frequency Viewer.
Add your Frequencies.
Import external dB Frequency Files using the RadioFrequency "dBase Converter".

For different Icom Radio user.

Several Icom R8500 Radio commands are valid x other Icom Radios.
Just select your Icom Radio. (near the 'Connect >' Button)

Exception is the Icom IC-735 that is reading a data length of 4 Bytes and not 5 Bytes.
If you are using this Radio pls. contact me. (raimund.forstmeier@fastwebnet.it) object must be: RadioFrequency
For a general interest the program could be adjusted for it.
Give it a Try.

Click on [Open] load the Local dB File (Frequency.txt).

All [ H ] Labels are Help Messages

Please read the [ About ].

[ Input ] Add / Modify Frequencies to the dBase.

The local RadioFrequency dBase File = " Frequency.txt ".

[ dB ] is opening the RadioFrequency dB-Structure. (DataBase)

[ Import dBase ] is opening the dB Converter environment. Import external dBase Structures.

With [ Vol ] you can set the PC-Speaker Volume.

On the Bottom you find the search Frequencies and Data.         [Save to Memory]          [Delete Item/Record]          [Delete Memory File].

The Search feature is searching on search > on search down to the smallest detail.

The Basic View.

[ Input ] Add Record Frequencies to the Local dBase (Frequency.txt File). (add transmission Mode)
Trans-Mode (CW, AM, FM ecc.) is sent to the Receiver together with the Frequency.

Modify a dB-Record - open [ Input ] - click on a Record in List No 1 - modify and [Save]

[Connect to your Icom Radio] The Serial Port Comunication View - RadioFrequency to Receiver.

Click on the [ Connect > ] button (open/close).
Open the Com Port. [ Open Port ]
Open the [ H ]elp near the [ X ]-close Button.
Scanning Frequencies
From Freq to Freq - Step option - Delay option
Scan the actual List-Frequencies - List 1, 2, 3 - Main dB-List, Search-List, Saved-Radio-Stations-List
Interrupt scanning with a Frequency-Message > Listen to any Station as long as you want. (until closing Message)
Repeat Scanning x times
Precise S-Meter with ' | ' x S 5,7,9, +10, +20
On top the actual Frequency is shown.
On top the Mode (CW, FM ...) selected is shown. (as from version 1.5.3)
On top UTC-Time is shown. (as from version 1.5.3)
On the Connection-View you can select the 'Reading speed' in milliseconds. Default is 50ms. (version 1.5.3)
Use the [Arrow Keys] + [Enter] Key > send Frequency + Mode to the Receiver.
L-Click and R-Click > select different action.
Manual Frequency Input is possible.

SW2 + TCP-Connection + Locator Distance Calculator

Sizing RadioFrequency. Important connection buttons are visible on Top. RFR is re-sizing in automatic when you open and close a View.

The "Yellow" Button is opening the "Connection Status" View.
New: Reading the Elad SW2/DUO Device Configuration. SW2-Menu > Advanced > [Device Configuration]

With the SW2/DUO "TCP" connection View you can test all SW2 commands. [Stop] TCP > open the [ ? ]Help x details.

The TCP Connection View. [ TCP ]    

The Virtual Port Emulator VSPE    

The [ Import dBase ] Environment

Any TextFile + csv dBase-Structure can be converted to the dB-Structure RadioFrequency is using.
The dBase Structure is a normal dB-text-Structure based on a " by Position " structure without Delimiters like the " , " comma.
The example below is reading the "Test Record" without delimiters. Reading " by Position ".
We copy a Field "from digit to digit" and assign the Field-Data to a Local Field. (8 Fields in total)
The first Field is always the "Frequency".
[ Test ] is translating only the " Test Record ". If the result is OK you [Translate] the whole external dBase.
You can save all Data/parameters with [Save Session] and Re-Open with [Load Session] x a automatic run.
There is a complete explanation file. Click on the 'bigger' [ H ]Label and open the Explanation.


Convert a text-dB / csv using a Delimiter. This Test-Record is using the " _ " underscore char.
As the Fields are the same as RadioFrequency is using the Local Field N° attribution is straightforward. 1..8.

RadioFrequency v. 1.7.1 Standard Edition & FrameWork 3.5 - Print Log-File (LandScape)

New > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on the [ ? ]Label Top-Left-Corner. [ / ]-Full size.

Get the ILGRadio Database.
The most comprehensive short wave database 2 - 30 Mhz with more than 35000 up-to-date entries.

RadioFrequency can import this short wave database using the included dBase-Converter with RadioFrequency.


Check your installed FrameWorks. Maybe you need a update.

Download the small "ReadFrameWork" program. >>>>
Download (Winrar.zip)

Version update 24/Nov/2018
As from version there was a Runtime Error on Program Start.
This was caused by Visual Basic components that many User-PC could not read.
The specific VB problem was the use of 'Power Packs' components like: RectangleShape, ShapeContainer etc...
The Colors has been changed and adapted for any Win Platform.
- Baudrate: added 19200
- Frequency Scanning: New Delay in 'ms', 100, 200, 300, 400 ... added
- Icom Radios: Added IC-706 with Ci-V 48H and IC-706MKIIG Ci-V 58H
- Scanning Frequency STEP Values added x UHF and VHF.
- Some enhancements suggested by Test-User.
- The dBase Converter has been tested. Import/Converting the ILG-Frequency dBase with over 30.000 Records.
         For Icom Radios and the ELAD SW2/DUO.

A special thank to OM user that tested any update on different Win Platforms.
         PD2AM     André
         Walter     "Wasserbueffel"
         DL8DH     Hajo

This Edition (Freeware) can't be downloaded without request. (avoiding WEB-Scanning)
Send a e-mail to: raimund.forstmeier@fastwebnet.it
     Subject must be: RadioFrequency Download

RadioFrequency Download Standard Edition, Framework 4+ Version - 05/Dec/2018

Download (Winrar.zip)

Should you not be able to extract the files from the .zip please try using WinRAR or the like.
Should you experience difficulties running the Standard Edition, download and try the version compiled for FrameWork 3.5.

RadioFrequency Download x FrameWork 3.5 Version (fw35) - 05/Dec/2018

Download (Winrar.zip)

The future special ELAD SW2/DUO Environment update.
Command your ELAD with Keyboard Key's.
The Test Configuration is ready and tested.
There is just one feature missing. The automatic "Device Configuration" selection. ELAD make it possible via TCP.
The RadioFrequency version is already including the "Device Configuration" Data. (click on any single value)

Intrasystem Copyright 2018 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy                 

RadioFrequency - version (at request)
Revision: 05/Dec/2018
Intrasystem Copyright 2018 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy   Copyright 2017-2018 by Intrasystem - Raimund Forstmeier, Padova / Italy.

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