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The ATIasHold Program is a professional Software dedicated to all Flight Simulator user.         This Program is 100% Freeware.

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The Official Intrasystem-ATIasHold Support Forum Here

Assistance is only possible when a request is of general interest.

This program is tested by several user with a good general background.
This Software is "Freeware" and assistance is excluded.
Most requests and issues are solely due to 3 factors:
- Non-patronage of a PC
- Lack of reading the various [H] elp and ToolTips.
- Use of technology without deepening the basics.

Ideas of general interest are Welcome.

Check your installed FrameWorks. Maybe you need a update.

Download the small "ReadFrameWorks" program. >>>>
Download (

ATIasHold particular features and included Intrasystem programs.

- ATIasHold: Hold the Speed with any Airplane. No need of any Autopilot. Using only the Engine Pressure.

- A Virtual Runway Waypoint is created for any Runway at 20 nm in front of the Runway. You never get Lost!

- A virtual Runway is created at any World-Position. Just Click on the [ V ]Button.
..... the virtual Waypoint is created you flyto and approach the virtual Rwy. Consider it on the Water.
..... Save + Select virtual runways Editor. The Virtual Waypoint is leading you to the Runway.

- Automatic V/S Descentometer

- Precise Glide-Slope Diamond

- A complete Primary Flight Display (PFD)Instrument is present.

- The Radar is indicating the slightest Runway Center deviation (On Top). Useful in the dark.

- Automatic V/S Runway Glide Path Approach.
..... Pilot is responsable for: Gear, Speed, Flaps, Trim following the Glide-Slope

- A separate Runway TakeOff and Landing View with Flight Data, PDF, Glide-Path Slope and ALT Advice below 2000 ft.

- New Keyboard + Mouse-Clicks connections. Keyboard + Mouse-Click Hook System. "Joystick Files Example.rar".

- Joystick connections. (Editor x Joystick + Keyboard) (33)

- BackGround View with 4 different colors that covers your Desktop behind the ATIasHold Views. (example: 2. Monitor)

Included programs:

- MouseClicks. Executes in sequence for example the engine start.

- FullSize Window for FSX + Listing all your actual open programs by Title.

- Frameworks - Check your actual installed Frameworks.

- AddAirports. Modify or create Airports for ATIasHold.

- RwyLenght for ATIasHold: extracting data from ' Make Runways '.
..... Credits to Pete Dowson the author of the MakeRunways utility.

- AiracStructure - a unique Text (txt, csv ...) database Converter. Reading, positioning at xy and extracting any data.

ATIasHold is only working with internal real world Mathematic-Formulas based on Coordinates.
Credits to the work of Ed Williams and his Aviation Page:     Here

There are 3 different Radar.

Flight Plan Route on Rwy View.

MSFS 747 Test Flight.

MSFS 747 Test Flight.

X-Plane 737-800.

X-Plane 737-800.

X-Plane 737-800.

The small Precision Approach Radar

FSX 747-400.

The new ATIasHold is now ready for download. Version 2.0.5
You can download the PDF File including all the new Features with details. Version 2.0.4 MAR/01/2023

ATIasHld.pdf file. Please READ the Page: ATIasHold New ... and the next new Readme update file..

Pls. read the UPDATE 2.0.5 Readme File: (NOV/19/2023)

Download previous v 2.0.4 (ATIasHld.pdf - MAR/01/2023) 1,7 MB

The ATIasHold Edition (Freeware) can't be downloaded without request. (avoiding WEB-Scanning)
Pls. send a e-mail to:
Your e-mail address should be always the same! (UpDate notice)

Should you not be able to extract the files from the .zip please try using WinRAR or the like.

Please read the ATIasHld.pdf file before using this program. (ATIasHold New ...)

Please read the UPDATE Readme File, Nov/19/23. (Readme_205_08-2023.txt)

ATIasHold Download x FrameWorks 3.5+ - Version 2.0.5 NOV/19/2023 - Complete Installer (last update).

Download (Winrar.rar) 29,3 MB

Revision: NOV/19/2023
Intrasystem Copyright 2023 by Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy   Copyright 2011-2023 by Intrasystem - Raimund Forstmeier, Padova / Italy.

The Official Intrasystem-ATIasHold Support Forum Here

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