The ATIasHold Main View.

The ATIasHold Program is a professional Software dedicated to all Flight Simulator user.         This Program is 100% Freeware.

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Assistance is only possible when a request is of general interest.

This program is tested by several user with a good general background.
This Software is "Freeware" and assistance is excluded.
Most requests and issues are solely due to 3 factors:
- Non-patronage of a PC
- Lack of reading the various [H] elp and ToolTips.
- Use of technology without deepening the basics.

Ideas of general interest are Welcome.

Check your installed FrameWorks. Maybe you need a update.

Download the small "ReadFrameWorks" program. >>>>
Download (

ATIasHold particular features and included Intrasystem programs.

- ATIasHold: Hold the Speed with any Airplane. No need of any Autopilot. Using only the Engine Pressure.

- A Virtual Runway Waypoint is created for any Runway at 20 nm in front of the Runway. You never get Lost!

- A virtual Runway is created at any World-Position. Just Click on the [ V ]Button.
..... the virtual Waypoint is created you flyto and approach the virtual Rwy. Consider it on the Water.

- Automatic V/S Descentometer

- Precise Glide-Slope Diamond

- A complete Primary Flight Display (PFD)Instrument is present.

- The Radar is indicating the slightest Runway Center deviation (On Top). Useful in the dark.

- Automatic V/S Runway Glide Path Approach.
..... Pilot is responsable for: Gear, Speed, Flaps, Trim following the Glide-Slope

- A small separate Runway TakeOff and Landing View with Flight Data, Glide-Path Slope and ALT Advice below 2000 ft.

- Connecting to the PMDG 777 and the PMDG NGX (1. Edition)

- Joystick connections

Included programs:

- MouseClicks. Executes in sequence for example the engine start.

- FullSize

- Frameworks

- AddAirports. Modify or create Airports for ATIasHold.

- RwyLenght: extracting data from ' Make Runways '.
..... Credits to Pete Dowson the author of the MakeRunways utility.

ATIasHold is only working with internal real world Mathematic-Formulas based on Coordinates.
Credits to the work of Ed Williams and his Aviation Page:     Here

The Flight Panel Approach View.              Direct selections by Distance (Vor, Adf, Intersection). Is not the FlightPlan.              Example: Direct Flight via Virtual Waypoint.

The small Radar. North oriented. Glide Slope + Rwy-Approach.      The small Radar. V/S ascending.      The ATIasHold Main View.

The Takeoff + Landing Panel.

The Takeoff + Landing Panel.

The big Radar (Map oriented). There are 3 different Radar.

ATIasHold is ready for download.
You can download the PDF File including all the images with details.

Download the ATIasHld.pdf. (ATIasHold version 1.7.0) SEP/19/2021

Download (ATIasHld.pdf)

The new ATIasHold Edition (Freeware) can't be downloaded without request. (avoiding WEB-Scanning)
Send a e-mail to:
Subject must be: ATIasHold Download
Your e-mail address should be always the same! (UpDate notice)

Should you not be able to extract the files from the .zip please try using WinRAR or the like.

ATIasHold Download x FrameWorks 4.5+ - Version 1.7.0 SEP/20/2021 update (complete Installer - Read the Pdf File)

Download (

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